Clip OS Kubernetes nodes and container image


In some use case, it could be intresting to be able to use ClipOS as a container os image, and, by extention to use ClipOs as node in K8s clusters. Do you beleive it could be possible ?

If not, is there already exist a project or effort to provide an easy installable ClipOS server distribution ?

Thanks for your efforts.

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Could you be more specific about your use case here? We currently do not have any plan to make base images for containers as there are a lot of solutions already available to build images with various security and functionality trade-offs.

This is definitely a good use case for CLIP OS and even though the core development team is not actively working on it, we welcome suggestions and contributions.

The installation procedure is currently “manual” in the sense that you will have to boot another Live system and install CLIP OS from there (using the script available in those changesets (1, 2).

However, before installing CLIP OS on real hardware, you need to create a profile (see src_platform_config-linux-hardware/profiles for examples) and rebuild the project with it.

Finally, to provide the full security features integrated in CLIP OS, you will have to (at least) resign the images and EFI binaries before installation.