Development breaking change: Instrumentation revamp

Instrumentation revamp

In commits 1, 2, 3 we revamped the way changes are made for development builds. Instead of two levels (development & debug), we now have several instrumentation features that may be enabled independently of one another. Each feature control a set of changes that are applied to the final image to ease development and debug. See the Development and debug page for details about the effects of each instrumentation feature.


This change only impacts the development environment and the development images. The final production images are unaffected.

Toolkit environment update

  1. First, check that you have properly updated all repositories with the latest changes using repo sync. Be careful if you have in progress changes or commits (use branches or manual rebase).
  2. Remove the current toolkit environment:
    (toolkit) $ sujust clean-run
  3. Setup the toolkit environment in a fresh termnial:
    $ ./toolkit/
    $ source toolkit/activate

Migration to the new format

The format used for the instrumentation.toml configuration file has changed. You may start again from the example in toolkit/instrumentation.toml.example:

$ cp toolkit/instrumentation.toml.example instrumentation.toml